In the Garden

20 06 2010

I Love My Sister

20 06 2010

Best Friends

9 06 2010

Best Friends

Oakland Architecture

23 11 2009

Female Sphinx and Girl in Pink

23 11 2009

Going on our ‘Hike’ to Bon Tempe Lake

19 09 2009


Capris on Short-Legged Person

19 09 2009


Chloe and Charlie – Fantasies Realized

5 09 2009

Two years after Molly (our 19 year-old cat that raised 2 generations of children in the family) died, we finally adopted a pair of litter-mates.  They are both female, and I bet you can guess which one gets into the most mischief.


Cats Visit Sequoia National Park

5 09 2009

We camped at Lodgepole Campground in Sequoia National Park for a week – 9 campsites, 44 relatives, 1 dog.  The scenery was stunning… giant sequoias, granite, the occasional bear.  We hiked, played in the creek, and ate good food.


One of those Beautiful Giants


Grey kitty… playing in the creek.

At least the socks match the bathing suit.  She wears them to save her feet from the granite.  It sounds odd but works.


Cat gets pooped-out on hike.

She Thinks She is a Cat

30 08 2009